Policies & Procedures

Waiver & Photo Release

We always take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our dancers and their guardians.  Due to the physical nature of dance, Jessica’s Dance Innovations will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur inside or outside the premises or at home.  Pictures and/or video may be taken throughout the season for advertising purposes and the use of images of you or your child may be used on our website, social media pages or other promotional materials.   A waiver must be signed prior to taking any classes and by signing our waiver, you agree to these terms.

Student Code of Conduct

Jessica’s Dance Innovations prides itself on creating an environment that is supportive, encouraging and inclusive.  Dancers are expected to arrive on time in the proper dance attire with their hair tied back (no jewelry) and prepared for class.   No food, drink or gum is allowed in the classroom with the exception of water bottles. The studio is a peanut & nut free environment. Outside shoes are not allowed in the studios and the studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Dancers must have respect for their teachers and fellow classmates at all times. Bullying, discrimination and exclusion will not be tolerated.  Inappropriate behavior will be addressed by staff as best as possible and parents/families will be notified when necessary. If dancers or parents choose not to follow these expectations, they may be asked to leave the studio.

Attendance & Punctuality

Consistent attendance enhances the experience and allows the individual dancer to feel confident with the class material.  Since dance is a team sport, poor attendance affects not only the dancer but the entire group.  Dancers are expected to be on time and we ask them to arrive no more than five to ten minutes early to avoid overcrowding the studio. If a student is more than ten minutes late, they may be asked to sit out of class for safety reasons.  If a dancer has missed more than three classes in a row, we will be contacting parents directly. If attendance becomes an issue, we reserve the right to ask the student to discontinue with the program and refunds will not be granted.  If you expect to miss a class, we ask that you please email or call the studio.  As parents are not allowed in the studio, we ask that you please pick up your child as soon as the class is scheduled to finish. We understand the current environment may place limitations on these expectations, so we have provided online solutions to maintain the ability to continue steady instruction and participation.

In Studio & Online Classes

Due to the current environment, all of our studios classes will be limited in size in order to follow the necessary health and safety protocols. Some larger competitive technique classes may run hybrid and alternate weekly in studio and online. All of our classes will be provided a zoom link in case the class needs online access that is only granted to those who have registered for the specific class. Students will therefore have access to their regular classes, teachers and classmates at all times if they are unable to be in class that day.  This policy will allow for a smooth transition if we are ever mandated to shut down by the government or close temporarily due to quarantine. Tuition will remain the same for virtual instruction if the studio is closed for these reasons less a 10% discount if the studio is closed for over 30 days. Online options are provided to allow us to safely provide consistent dance training throughout the season based on mandated government guidelines. To ensure the safety and security for our students, two-way video must be maintained for all virtual dance classes.

Health & Safety Procedures

We will be increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting the studio with the approved cleaning products on a daily basis and high surface areas including but not limited to door knobs, light switches, toilet and faucet handles and electronic devices will be disinfected numerous times a day.  Everyone will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly using soap and water and hand sanitizing stations will be provided at every entrance/exit area. Floor markings will be placed in the classroom to ensure social distancing is practiced allowing students to stay 6 feet apart. Signage will be placed in all areas to promote and inform everyone of all health and safety policies and procedures. Parents are not permitted in the studio and must drop off the students for class to ensure we maintain the required limit in the building.  Any parents who have their child enrolled in a Preschool class may enter the building to drop off their child, but only one parent will be permitted and we ask that you wait outside the building during class. For students enrolled in a Parent & Tot class, parents will attend the class with their child and stay in the social distance square with them to ensure they are there to give them a hug if needed. Some schedules have been staggered and we will be using different entrances and exit doors to help the flow of traffic. Breaks have been placed in the schedule to allow for cleaning between classes. Please limit what is brought into the studio (dance shoes, water bottle, nut fee snack if needed) and be sure to label dance shoes and water bottles. Change rooms and the kitchen area will be closed, therefore we ask students to come dressed in dance attire so they do not need to change their clothes. Please ensure their hair is completely tied back to avoid them touching their face. Our competitive schedule has been amended this season to ensure students generally stay in the same classroom with little to no breaks between classes if they are in multiple classes. This will avoid children being left unsupervised in the lobby.  Recreational students are not permitted to stay in the building between classes if they are not back to back.  Students are not required to wear masks while exercising in the classroom but masks must be worn in the lobby as well as the bathroom areas and should be kept with the student’s belongings in their designated area. Due to the changes of environment surrounding Covid-19, no one will be allowed to enter the studio if they are presenting any sort of illness.  Dancers must stay home if they are sick and to keep our community safe and healthy during this time, parents will be responsible for screening at home before entering the studio and will be asked to sign a waiver to acknowledge this responsibility.

Class Fee Structure & Refund Policy

A non-refundable registration fee of $25 per family is due at the time of registration for all programs.  Our seasonal program runs for 37 weeks as a continuous program and tuition for the season will be broken up into ten monthly payments with the first payment due at registration. The remaining fees are due on the first of every month (October-June) and we require you to have a credit card on file that will be automatically charged each month.  Payments for ten week sessions are due in full at registration. No debit, cash or cheques will be accepted and the front desk will be closed to payments at this time.  Etransfers can be arranged on an exception basis. Late fees of 10% will be automatically applied to all overdue accounts after 7 days of the due date. Any student with an overdue balance of more than 30 days will not be allowed to take class until the overdue balance is paid and after making an attempt to contact the parent/guardian, your child may lose their spot in the program.  If you want to remove your child from the program, we will require it in writing with 30 days notice. No refunds or credits will be issued for the month or session paid for. Class withdrawals are not permitted after December 1st, 2020 and a two-month minimum commitment is required.  Anyone who withdraws from our program after December 1st, 2020 will be charged a $50 cancellation fee per class. If you have credit from the 2019/2020 dance season, it can be applied to any of our programs offered during the 2020/2021 dance season. Tuition pricing will be given a 10% discount if classes are provided online due to a government mandated shutdown if over 30 days. Online options are provided to allow us to safely provide consistent dance training throughout the season based on mandated government guidelines. Non-refundable costume deposits for recreational classes will be due January 15th, 2021.